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In Development:

… based on a true story

Germany 2018/2019
80 min

A film by
David Seffer

Teresa Weißbach, Hannes Jaenicke, Patrick Mölleken, Wolfgang Stumph (in negotiations), Hugh O´Conor …

Alvin Film Produktion in Co-production with INTER/AKTION

Producers: David Seffer, Björn Jensen, Sven Grunow, Angela Brunnemann, Hannes Jaenicke, Wojciech Szczudlo; Director of Photography: Roland Wagner; Production designer: Anette Kuhn; Costume designer: Gudrun Leyendecker; Composer: Nathalie F.Y. Herres; Editor: Hanka Knipper ...

The border zone of divided Germany, 1989. A Polish-German mother travels with her two children from East into West Germany to bring her extremely ill father-in-law back home. But she falls into the hands of a racist West German Border Patrol official who is determined to prevent her entry at any price.



… based on a true story

Germany/Poland/USA 2018
115 min

A film by
Andrzej Krakowski

Ewan McGregor (in negotiations), Hannes Jaenicke …

Pine Hill Productions, Alvin Film Produktion & INTER/AKTION

This story plays in the head of a man in coma being transported from The Midway Hospital in Los Angeles to the Lindley Hospital in Warsaw, Poland. The year is 1969--- April, around Easter. The Cold War is still raging on. Our protagonist happens to be the legendary Polish film composer Krzysztof Komeda, best known for his music to Roman Polanski's film. He has been comatose since Christmas of 1968, with a constant vigil of his friends at his bedside. Presumed as in a vegetative state and contrary to the physicians’ opinion, Komeda registers everything but cannot communicate his thoughts to the outside world. The entire life of Krzysztof will be told through his relations with five women: his mother, his sister Irena, his first great love Basia, his wife Zosia and his last love, an Israeli actress Ilana. Factual in nature, this multilayered tale describes the history of Polish jazz and the role the American music played in the fight for freedom in Poland.

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